This week was all about trim, and paint… the remaining doors were installed, and the walls in the downstairs unit were painted.  I have to say I am really impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail these guys have.  I am also really impressed with the downstairs apartment as it comes together.  Pictures really don’t do it justice- and I’m not just saying that! All the problems with it are a thing of the past.  The dungeon-esque lair down there?  Hardly even remember it.  As it is now, the space just feels right… there is so much natural light.  It feels so right, in fact, that it’s been spoken for already!  How about that?

The final push comes next week so stay tuned for flooring and kitchens!  For now, check out the progress:

A great example of the attention to detail is how they did this trim around the railing.  I would have just made the door trim skinnier.  But these guys?  They kinda blew it out of the water.  So very nice.

railing detail

And here’s a look going downstairs from the former stairs to nowhere.  I just love how they fixed those treads!


Downstairs the best decision I made was to add a full glass door in the living room…. love the light and (eventual) views to the yard.  Don’t mind the ugly gold hardware that the doors came with… we’re swapping it out with some sweet iron black knobs next week =)


Downstairs apartment living room looking back towards the kitchen:


Downstairs future kitchen with added window:


Downstairs living room looking back towards bedroom… that opening is going to be getting some sweet barn doors.  Stay tuned for that next week!


View of downstairs living room from bedroom:


Downstairs bedroom:


Downstairs bedroom looking the other way:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand because sometimes you have to remember where you came from:  First floor bedroom then and now.


Now upstairs to check out the second floor… not as much work happened up here because all the focus was on the downstairs unit.  But the new back door was installed and I have to say it made me smile.  This apartment is going to be awesome.

Second Floor Walls primed and ready for paint:

2nd floor_20

check out that back door!  woohoo.  Totally love it.  =)

2nd floor back door installed_20

And again, to remember how far we’ve come… a then and now shot of the living room.  Woah.


That’s it for now… it’s hard to explain how excited I am as this place comes together.  This crew has been awesome to work with and I think that shows.  I am a little bit in love, aren’t you?


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