Wow this week the first floor came together in a frenzy.  The flooring was installed and right on their tails, Casey and his crew got the kitchen cabinetry in and… the place is really coming together.  I had an idea in my head of what it would be like, and it’s pretty crazy to have it come together even better than I expected, even despite the tiny heartbreaks we suffered at the beginning of the project.

This is also the part of the project where you feel like you’re hemorrhaging money.  The final install is the second financially scariest part (after demo, which is #1… because you never know what you’re going to find behind those walls- no matter how much experience you have).  What is super scary about this part is there is no telling yourself “ok that sucks but we’ll save money on something later,” because there is no “later.” But check out how it’s going and as you can see, financial panic attacks aside, with a good creative crew, and a bit of stubbornness on my part, awesome things are possible.

.. check out this place!


First floor kitchen cabinets being installed…  and check out that subway tile backsplash!!

1st flr kitchen_21

First Floor Bathroom:  This room had been updated just before I bought the house, so I had no real plans to do any work in here… but the place was shaping up so well I really felt like I would regret having not done this bathroom.  So, at the last minute I made the guys replace the flooring and put in a new vanity.  Here you see it being installed…

1st flr bath_21

The barn doors from the living room into the bedroom installed…  These were custom made by the folks at NW Artisan Hardware. I am kind of in love.

1st flr livingrm_21

Here’s the bedroom… flooring installed and covered up.

1st flr bdrm_21

Not gonna lie, it was kind of a mess in there… with everyone working away on their task with their tools trying to get the place finished in time for the new tenant to show up… here’s the bedroom looking back towards the living area.

1st flr bdrm2_21


And here’s a look at the second floor… it fell behind the downstairs unit a bit because, well, I’m going to be the one living in it… and I can wait.

Second floor bedroom:

2nd flr bdrm2_21

Another look at the Second Floor bedroom:

2nd flr bedrm_21

Second Floor kitchen… with flooring!!

2nd flr kit2_21

Kitchen pre-cabinets… I loooove the new back door!

2nd flr kit_21

And here’s the living room (now housing kitchen parts).. with the long awaited double doors out on to the deck.  I can picture Ossie doing some really good bird watching from this post!

2nd flrliving_21

And back downstairs to the entry… I hadn’t originally planned for it, but we decided to make a tiled area in the foyer.  I’ve got some neat ideas for that spot… if I’ve got any cash left in my bank account when this is all said and done  =)


And another view of the entry… this is the best shot of the floors.  Kinda dirty and dusty from installation, but pretty awesome.  I didn’t originally want dark floors, but I spent 2 weeks shopping around and agonizing over flooring choices.  In the end I had to stay true to the house.  What was left of the original flooring was roughly this tone.  I decided that when in doubt, stick with the original.  So glad I did.


That’s it for Week 21… next week I’ll have final shots of the 1st floor, and the before-and-afters that you guys love so much.  I can’t believe we’re already here.  This project both dragged on and flew by.  How does that even happen???


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