Just a quick update this week…  I am out of town for work.  It kinda kills me to be away as we reach the home stretch, but fortunately my  general contractor, Casey, keeps me pretty in the loop.  Here’s an assortment of the barrage of problems/ questions of the week.  Same dilemmas as any renovation, but it’s kind of neat to have a photojournal of them all… and a GC who is a lot of fun  =)
week 19

Questions of note:  What do you want to do with this hardware? Let’s do stainless countertops! (ha ha) How about this detail?  What do you think of this?  Is the door okay like this (um no) Check out your steps being made! (oooh)

Oh and that flooring photo?  TOTALLY NOT USING THAT.  The flooring was delivered and the guys thought it would be funny to send me a pic of some other (ugly) flooring saying “this is it right?”  I practically had a heart attack.  Well played, guys… well played.

Okay that’s it for now… I’ll be home this weekend to take some proper photos and do a real update.  Hang tight!


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