Just a quick photo update!  This week we got the ceiling board and trim installed, as well as the interior doors.  Woohoo!


The ceiling looks really awesome if I do say so myself…  we lost a lot of rafter depth due to the space the insulation takes up, so the rafters on the ceiling look kinda spindly, but there’s nothing you can do about that.  Overall it’s pretty awesome looking, eh?


Below is the detailing at the low edge of the roof.  The way the rafers tied in to each other was really a jumbled mess so the guys figured out a slick fix.  These are MDF boxes made to look like a beam.  It’s not what I would have designed if we were starting from scratch, but part of the beauty of these projects is how you work with what you’ve got.  And we’re workin it over here!


And then there are the doors… it’s funny how having doors on openings makes things feel so much more… civilized.  We had these custom made from Staits Door Company, right here in Lawrenceville.  Keepin it in the hood  =)


Oh and remember the stairs to nowhere?  They are now stairs to a closet.  Which is still kind of nowhere.  Haha.


And finally… speaking of working with what you’re given…  The stair was the only original part of the house that was really left, and the only part I was particularly endeared to.  Years of people trodding up and down them had left the treads in really bad shape (check out the picture at left).  Not to mention the fact that they were super crooked due to the house settling.  We jacked up the house from the basement to level things out as much as possible.  Truly fixing the stair would have meant taking the entire thing apart and rebuilding.  I couldn’t afford that, so as a mid-ground fix, we made cap pieces to go over the existing treads… making it look brand new-ish.  Check out the then-and-now below.

stair then and now


And there you have it!  Next week the exterior doors are going in… as well as the rest of the trim, and PAINT!  I can’t wait to see the rest of this little place come together, can you?


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