I haven’t given you guys an update in… a really long time.  Don’t worry though, we’re still at it!  Between weather, inspectors, and a pesky zoning hearing we’ve been pretty busy and we were finally able to close up the walls last week.  This is my second favorite part (right behind demolition, which holds the #1 spot)  because you really get an idea of how the space is going to feel, and in this house especially, how the light is going to work.  I’d say the major focus of most of my design decisions was to bring as much light as possible into this house, because it was really dark and, dare I say, sad.  It was a total relief to see the place light up thanks to the new layout and walls that are no longer sheathed in dark wood paneling.  I’ll spare you any more words- check out these pictures, and a little “Where’s Waldo?” featuring my dog Ossie who came to check out her future home =)

2nd floor living rm 4

2nd Floor Living Room… check out that high ceiling!  The spiffed up joists really pop against the white walls.  The ceiling still needs to be insulated between the joists, then we’re finishing it with bead board to mimic real roof sheathing boards.


I almost made it through this project without lifting a finger, but at the last minute I decided that we should have some extra joists exposed.  The problem was that they were black with steel mill soot and the blasters had already come and gone (oops)  So I broke out the tools and sanded the grit off.  It doesn’t look quite as good as the cob blasting, but it’s good enough, and saved me a $500 blaster man return trip.

2nd floor living rm 3

another look at the living room, because… yeah.

2nd floor living rm 2

before drywall

2nd floor living rm 2b

after drywall 

2nd floor living rm 1

hey Waldo

2nd floor living rm

before drywall


after drywall

2nd floor kitchen

2nd floor kitchen

2nd floor bedroom

2nd floor bedroom

2nd floor bedroom 2

2nd floor bedroom

2nd floor bedroom 4

2nd floor bedroom, looking towards living room

2nd floor bedroom 3

2nd Floor Bedroom looking towards walk-in closets and in-unit laundry!!

1st floor living rm

1st floor living room looking towards bedroom

1st floor bedroom

1st floor bedroom looking towards living room


looking down on the deck from the stair landing… got a tiny start on this before we got frozen out!

And in case you were counting, there are 6 Ossie sightings in this post.  Did you find them all?


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