This was one of the hottest stretches I can remember, with the temperature in the solid 90’s all week.  But we’re coming down to the wire over here, so the show had to go on.  It was just a very sweaty, hot drippy show.  Ew, right?

Because we were working in all of the units this week, I’ve broken things down by apartment…

The Third Floor is the closest to finished, with all kitchen appliances intalled (minus the missing refrigerators, thanks Home Depot).  This week I finally got the guys to cut the butcher block countertops so I could sand and seal them.  We are using a product called Waterlox instead of oiling them, in hopes that it’s a better tenant-proof seal.

I also finally got the guys to hang the light fixture I wanted to use for the bedrooms.  I really like the industrial look of it, but was worried about using a pendant like this for whole-room lighting, afraid it wouldn’t be enough light.  It looked great during the day, but I wanted to check it out at night before I gave the go-ahead to install them in all bedrooms.  The light level was decent, but unfortunately the bare bulb at night was just too unpleasant.  Every time you glanced upwards, you ended up trying to blink away that yellow spot in your vision.  Kinda like staring down the sun.  Not very cool.  So I’m kinda sad, but I’ve decided to use the fixture we used in the bathroom also in the bedrooms.  It’s a clean modern look, a large bright fixture, and no bare bulb.  Part of me wants to just hack a diffuser into the warehouse pendant, but I’ve got too much on my plate already!

 The Second Floor isn’t far behind the first.  This week the rest of the doors were hung, as well as the microwave.  Like the apartment upstairs, they finally cut the countertops for me so I could sand and finish them.  Oh yeah, and the cool cool cool chalkboard backsplash was painted.  I love how it looks with the translucent white cabinets!

I also couldn’t help myself and dove into another brick project in one of the 2nd floor bedrooms.  I still wasn’t happy with the contractor’s brick cleaning job so I went at it.  You can see the difference between his and my work because I didn’t get to the top 4 courses yet.  Mental note:  on super hot days, start at the top of the wall because by the time you get to the end you might not be able to lift your arms enough to finish it off…

The First Floor (Front Apartment) has had the least amount of work, but it’s catching up fast.  This week the boys finished the wall in the kitchen and installed the upper cabinets.   This was great and all, but they installed them 6″ too low.  Agh.  Of course I didn’t notice this until I had already spent 2 hours cleaning the brick chimney above and my patience was pretty nonexistent.  There may have been a moderate-to-severe freakout moment on my part.  Fortunately there was nobody else there, and fortunately the contractor owned the mistake.  They will be moving the cabinets up…  Not that we really have the time to be doing work twice.  I’ve been pretty cool with letting things slide here and there, but big obvious stuff like that… sorry guys.

 The same apartment, opposing wall, got the rest of its facelift this week too.  After I had the aforementioned freakout, I decided to get some help.  Not of the psychiatric variety but better.  Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work left to be done, I called every friend who had offered help in the past year and actually took them up on it.  My buddy Jarrod was the first to show up, and after a burger and a beer on Friday night we got the wall mostly buffed out.  I still need to go back and do some detail work, but I was super happy to have some company and to make some major progress!  Jarrod, on the other hand, declared it “the most un-fun thing we have ever done together.”  But still offered to come back and do more next week.  Man, I love my friends.

The First Floor (Rear Apartment) is like the little brother that’s always a step behind the rest, but this is changing quickly… we already have a tenant lined up for this space so little bro needs to get a move on!  This week the guys installed the upper kitchen cabinets, and did some trim work and painting in the living room.  I did the brick exposing in the kitchen a few weeks ago, but have to get myself back in there and finish buffing the brick.  No, it’s not going to stay like that! We also devised a plan of how to infill the gap above the window, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise just yet.

Well I’m on my way back over there to have at that kitchen wall…  this coming week the main focus is going to be this little studio apartment.  There’s someone we need to get it ready for!  Can you believe that you’ve only got a handful of weekly construction updates left to wait for?  Me either!


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