Here we are at week 21 of construction updates… heading into the home stretch.  So what’s the best possible thing to do in the home stretch?  Definitely not more demo, but I did some anyway.  After I figured out how easy it is to expose brick, I couldn’t help doing another wall.  Then poor Apartment 1F was left as the only one with no exposed brick and I decided we just couldn’t have that.  So I set to do one final wall, all on my own once again.  Below you see the wall pre-demo.  (by the way don’t you love our fancy door locking mechanism?)

The other walls took a few hours each, so I figured I could knock this one out in an afternoon.  What you see below is the progress of an afternoon:

Uh yeah…  definitely going to take longer than I thought.  What I hadn’t realized was all of the other walls were partially water damaged, so once you loosened the plaster it would just fall off in huge chunks.  Not so much over here.  This plaster is on good and tight and takes a whole lot of heft to get it off… way more than I bargained for, for sure.  I also decided to do this work on a week where the temperature here was hovering around 100.  Brilliant.  But I soldiered on and got about 2/3 done so far.  As soon as I hit “publish” on this blog, I’m headed over to finish it up.

Last week I promised the arrival of appliances, and you shall not be disappointed.  Also on perhaps the hottest day of the year, the stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers for the 2nd and 3rd floor were delivered.

Below is the 3rd Floor with appliances ready for installation.  Take a look and see if there’s something missing.

Oh, refrigerator huh?  Well just as Ikea hates me, apparently Home Depot does as well… they took the order for the fridges, accepted my payment, scheduled delivery, and then later unbeknownst to me- cancelled the refrigerators portion of the order.  I only found out when they didn’t arrive and weren’t even on the delivery order.  Okayyy.  So now begins the great fridge hunt.  Sound familiar?  Well I wish it didn’t!

Anyway the kitchen is coming together- notice the freshly painted backsplash.  It’s actually chalkboard paint.  I had the idea a while ago and it turns out this is something people actually do.  It’s water resistant and neat looking.  And a cheap solution for the backsplash.  We’ll see how it holds up to tenants!

2nd floor Kitchen w/ Appliances

 You may have noticed the installation of the kitchen island in the 3rd floor photo.  I actually had to order these islands from some random far away Ikea and have them shipped to me because the one here doesn’t carry them.  So they finally arrived.

The backordered countertops also finally came in (after 2 months of waiting!!) so I set about finishing them.  They give you this oil you’re supposed to rub on there, like constantly, for the life of the counters.  Seeing as how this is an apartment, I really couldn’t imagine a tenant being that diligant so we’re going a different route.  I’ll be sealing the countertops with a professional grade wood sealer used on commercial counters, tables and things.  That way there’s maybe a chance the counters will stay nice…
to begin, I sanded off the factory-applied finish that was really, really rough:

(all sanded)

 Once the countertop was as smooth as possible, I applied the first coat of sealer.  Looks pretty awesome!!  Now I get to repeat this x6 for all the counters in the building.

We made some great (noticeable) progress this week so it was really exciting.  The apartments are taking shape and it’s so cool to imagine people will actually be living here in just a few months.  Stay tuned next week for the installation of the appliances that bothered to show up, the game of tracking down those fridges, and the finishing up of that damn brick wall!


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