Okay I haven’t done an update in 2 weeks, so I’m feeling like I should post something to keep everyone in the loop.  See, there just hasn’t been much exciting stuff happening.  There I said it.  Anyway here’s a little recap of what has been going on…

Lots of trim and finishing and taking care of the little stuff.  Like recessed light trim.  I have learned from this to never again request 4″ recessed light cans.  Why?  Because trim kit options for 4″ recessed lights really suck.  All you can get from the local stores are ugly beige-y white ribbed ones that scream “nasty”  “cheap.”  OR pay $25 a pop for semi-acceptable stainless steel ones.  Because I’m a little OCD about things like this, I shopped around on the internets and scored these guys for cheap.  They’re alright (I would kill to have some without the ribbed effect going on on the inside)  but I’ll take what I can get.

We also worked out a nifty trim detail for around the beams.  I would have liked to have no trim at all but that would have been pretty difficult to achieve.  This 3/4″ white trim both covers the nail holes and seals up any gaps left between the beams and drywall.  The guys had originally suggested a rounded trim, but in my OCD-ness, I insisted on flat.  It looks pretty good.  Next time I’ll have to think ahead enough to tell them to not bevel the corners.  For absolutely no reason other than aesthetics I just hate bevels.  I would much rather they had been flat cuts.  Another thing to think about for the next project…

The Second Floor kitchen cabinets were also installed.  The uppers are a milky translucent, and the lowers are the same dark brown as as upstairs.  They’re there… just hiding under all those boxes.  The upper cabinets are different from the kitchen upstairs that you’ve already seen because, basically the Ikea gods hate me.  Let’s just leave it at that.

So that’s it for this kind of anti-climatic post.  Don’t worry, there are exciting things coming up next week… like appliances, kitchen islands, and MORE BRICK!  There are even rumors of cleaning ladies coming to polish off the third floor. Yup you heard that right…


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