Well this week Urbanspace got a Facebook page, and I gave the blog a little update to boot.  Pretty snazzy, huh?  So if you haven’t already, visit us on Facebook.  You can also sign up to have new posts on this blog delivered to your inbox by visiting our homepage and entering your email address in the box there on the right sidebar.  It really means a lot to have so many of our friends along for the ride!

This week over at the lofts, we got a whole bunch of flooring.  All those boxes of laminate that were stacked up in the basement are now in place!  Having some floors in there really makes things feel like they’re coming together.  Check it out.

First Floor 1-Bedroom Apartment:

This building is over 100 years old, and so we’re dealing with a lot of un-straight and un-square things.  It’s not perfect, but luckily it’s pretty solid and things haven’t warped too badly.  We put down 3/4″ OSB underlayment over the existing floorboards to help level things out a bit, and that worked in most places except for a few.  Here you can see where there was a dip in the floor, topping out at a whole 5/8″… which is a lot.  So that puddle you see is some leveling compound… so there’s no more dip and the floor will lay flat.

1st Floor Loft 1F- Living Room (before)
1st Floor Loft 1F- Living Room “After”

1st Floor Studio Apartment:

1st Floor Loft 1R- Living Room
1st Floor Loft 1R- Living Room
1st Floor Loft 1R- Kitchen

Second Floor 2-Bedroom Apartment:

2nd Floor Loft 2- Living Room
2nd Floor Loft 2- Bedroom 1
2nd Floor Loft 2- Bedroom 2

And here’s a shot of the 2nd floor’s lving/ kitchen.  If it looks familiar, this apartment has a layout almost identical to the one upstairs that’s already got the kitchen cabinets installed.  Here the drywall is all finished, awaiting cabinet installation.  As you can see, the flooring is already covered up… safe and sound!

 The Third Floor moved along with more finish work.  The closet doors in the “Master” bedroom were installed… they look pretty awesome, huh?  We re-used some pocket doors we found buried in the wall we tore out to open up the living/kitchen area.  It’s really great to be able to find a new use for these cool old doors.

Here’s a close-up of those installed doors and the detailing on them.  They sure don’t make ’em like that anymore!  The hardware is also original to those doors.  Although it’s totally not my style, I’m trying to stick to my rule of thumb, being that all original stuff stays if it can be helped at all.

That’s all the news there is to report.  Hang tight for next week’s update!


3 thoughts on “06.11.12.: Week 18 | Recap

  1. Wow…Kate! I am soooo impressed! Good to hear on your blog that you still get grumpy, like back in the day when Jess just couldn’t get her diagonals on poor Tonka…and you would leave in frustration! Well, your years have taught you perseverance and you have amazing talent to complete all of this work! Congrats!

    1. thanks Lisa! Don’t worry… I still walk away =) My mom says I’ve been doing it since I was little. Her favorite example is 4yr old me trying to do a puzzle and getting frustrated with it. I went away and played with another toy for a while, then walked up to the puzzle and put it together perfectly. Sometimes you just have to let things marinate!

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