Even though there was a brief hiatus in blogging the past 2 weeks, there wasn’t any hiatus in working!  The majority of the focus was on the third floor… with the flooring in we could move forward with trim, cabinet, and fixture installation.  Below is the kitchen as of week 16… note that the cabinets are all installed, sans missing door fronts (thanks Ikea!) and the base trim and door trim is being installed.  For all trim, we just used flat one-by (1×4 for anything vertical and 1×6 for anything horizontal)  It was more economical, plus I am generally against recreating historical details… so our rule of thumb here was anything new is flat, but anything that was already there can be whatever it is (around the large window for example).  It’s making for a really nice contrast.

 And here we have the kitchen as of week 17… all of the trim is in and painted, the cabinet doors finally showed up and the door pulls are up.  These aren’t the upper cabinets I had originally wanted, but they look pretty good anyway… don’t you think?  And those beautiful floors were covered up for their own protection.  That’s good but I am a little sad I don’t get to see them again for a while.

Also installed were the doors and trim for the bedrooms…  check out the finished project vs what it looked like before.  Pretty impressive, huh?

And finally, the bathroom fixtures were also installed:
(well the cabinet and light anyway)

I don’t know about you but I’m about ready to move in.  My bags may or may not be already packed  =)  Check back next week for a bunch more flooring, some light fictures and… dun dun dun bathroom accessories!


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