We’ve got a tenant moving into the studio apartment on August 1, so 85% of the focus this week was on that space…  but the whole place is really coming together.  Check it out!

Once again I’ve broken down this week’s work by apartment:

Third Floor

This apartment is basically ready, with the exception of all the small details like hardware, appliances…. oh, and a kitchen sink and working bathroom  Right.  Well I got high all week on varnish fumes, finishing the counter tops so the plumber could come back and install all that stuff.  The finish on the counters is really super nice- a little glossy for my taste, but definitely a good seal.  If you are really on top of things you may also notice that the appliances kinda disappeared since last week.  While shopping for the appliances for the downstairs apartments, I came across a sweet deal on some really nice ones so I paid some dudes to move the appliances we had already installed up here down to 1F so this apartment could get the snazzy ones.  This decision may have been slightly influenced by the fact that I am thinking of moving into this apartment myself…

 My sister stopped by on Friday night and I put her to work on finishing the scrubbing on the chimney I started back in April and never made it back to.  Then Inspector Ossie (my dog) came by to make sure she did a good job.

Second Floor

Work in this apartment pretty much halted, with the exception of installation of the appliances and me finishing the countertops.  The missing fridge also showed up so this kitchen is complete… not totally assembled but at the very least all the pieces are there.

 First Floor- Front 

The guys moved the cabinets up to the height they were supposed to be.  It’s so much better!  I also had the appliances from the third floor moved down here.  With the appliances in, I realized a major “oops” of mine.  I focused so much on the 2nd and 3rd floor kitchen layouts that this one kind of slipped through.  Luckily though, the gas line isn’t in yet so rearranging things isn’t a huge deal.  Phew.  So stay tuned and I’ll explain the thought process on that one.

First Floor- Rear 

This apartment had the least amount of work done on it, and it’s going to be the first one occupied.  Go figure.  So pretty much all the focus has been there.  To bring the building up to code, we had to install fire rated doors at the corridor, so the guys wrestled them into place this week.  The doors are really cool steel… I am tempted to leave them unpainted but seeing how dirty and fingerprint-y they got while being installed, I doubt they’ll stay clean with people constantly opening and closing them.  Neat idea though.


Inspector Ossie checked things out and thought the place looked pretty good.  Especially the garbage can.  Oh, and the place needs more paint.

After my desperate plea for help, my friends Sarah and Danny came over and buffed the brick in the kitchen.  They such did a fantastic job that I didn’t even have to go back and touch it up after they left.

The guys also installed the cabinets (hidden under the drop cloth) and the new back door!  It’s amazing how much of a difference that made… who would have thought getting rid of boarded up windows would make the place seem more classy? I also inhaled more than my fair share of Waterlox and finished the counter tops so the sink can be installed next week.

The basement floor was also finished.  It looks great!  Now it actually looks like a place you would want to store things.  Ossie concurs.

 That’s it for week 23…  stay tuned for the finishing touches, as well as a p-a-r-t-a-y when this thing is done so all our family and friends can come check out what we’ve been slaving over.  Details will be announced soon!


2 thoughts on “07.16.12.: Week 23 | Recap

    1. Thanks Jason! The back walls in the kitchens are painted with grey chalkboard paint as the backsplash. It’s a random idea I thought of then found thanks to the Google that people actually have done it. I didn’t want to pay for tile so we’ll see how this holds up. It’s supposed to work pretty well…

      The paint is pretty neat. You can have it tinted a variety of colors, and you can also buy a magnetic primer to make it a magnetic chalk board. I didn’t spring for that but I would definitely keep it in mind for another project. The only downside was the clerk at Home Depot assumed I bought it for “the kids.”

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