I have neglected to post an update on the house for a LONG time…. no excuses really.  Here is a catch-up of where we were just before Christmas, so don’t mind the reindeer, stockings, and wreaths propped in random locations.  Since my last post in NOVEMBER (woah)  I’ve fully moved in… so the place is officially “home” for Ossie and me.

No furniture except a dog bed… Before I put any furniture in the room, I wanted to finish painting the side wall.  I agonized for weeks mixing the perfect shade of grey. After cycling through all the variations of too blue, too pink, too yellow, too light, too dark I came to the conclusion that grey is HARD!  I am pretty happy with the shade I ended up with, but wish I would have gone slightly darker.  I was worried about doing that though because with the tree next door, there is already not a ton of light in this room.


DSC_0201DSC_0205DSC_0203 DSC_0208 DSC_0210


Finished putting everything together, installed the dishwasher and put together the fridge.  Kind of a mess right now but it’s going to be lovely.




Upgraded from a mattress on the floor to a really great bed.  I got it at West Elm and have received a ton of compliments on it.  My favorite piece of furniture I have purchased to date.  Now the pressure of finding a good sheet/blanket combo to pull things together.  I also got that small white stand at West Elm…  really happy with that too.  I am pretty against having a TV in the bedroom… it’s just sitting here because that white stand is the only place I had to put it for the moment.  Choosing furniture for this place has been really hard.  I did so much work on the house that now there’s all this pressure to choose pieces that live up to it!


DSC_0233DSC_0232 DSC_0239



For quite some time, the bathroom has been the most finished room in the house.  Despite the lack of a mirror.  I seriously can’t find one that I don’t hate!  So, if you see something cool let me know.



Seeing as how it is now JUNE, a lot more has come together at the house.  I’m making this 6-month-late post for the sake of documenting this process.  I’ll try to be better about posting in the future as I accomplish all the smaller projects that are left.


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