There has been a lot going on over at Treehouse, but not a whole lot to take pictures of. The plumber, electrician, and HVAC guys all got started roughing in their stuff.  The bills have been huge, but the visual progress… not so much.  What I do have to share with you are the apartment layouts coming together, as well as a little question on the kitchen design… check it out.

First Floor Apartment Bedroom Framing:

Opening the bedroom up to the living room to get a better flow of space… we haven’t cut in the double doors but I drew them in so you can get an idea of the idea…

1st floor bedroom_noted

First Floor Apartment Living Room Framing:

One of the heartbreaks was having to accept that this chimney is too far gone to be exposed… so this week it got framed in.  We’ll have to figure out a cool way to finish this wall instead of just drywalling it… stay tuned for that one.  We also furred out the wall so that we can add insulation to this place.

1st floor framing_noted

Second Floor Bedroom Framing

This bedroom was uncomfortably gigantic, so I added in two walk-in closets at the entry.  It will separate the bedroom from the living space, as well as add a ton more storage.  Also framed in is the door to the new in-unit laundry room!

2nd floor framing bedroom_noted

Second Floor Living Room Framing

Not a whole lot of framing at the second floor… just the furring out of walls for insulation.  It snowed yesterday for the first time this season, so the frigid temperatures are making this seem like an amazing idea.

2nd floor framing

And now it’s kitchen time…

I have been working with the kitchen designs and have the general layout decided.  The only decision left to make is… how many cabinets are enough?  Weigh in please and let me know what you think!

Option 1: keep it simple

kitchen option 2

Option 2:  storage galore

This is the same general layout as the above option, but I added a row of up-high cabinets.  They are high enough that they are really only practical for storing things you don’t use a whole lot.  But… in a kitchen you always end up with a ton of that crap.  It could also be used for any kind of storage really… not necessarily kitchen related.
I also added two under-counter cabinets next to the stools at the island.  You don’t lose much seating space but you do gain a little more storage.  Because I try to stay away from traditional wall cabinets, you do kind of need to take that extra storage into consideration…

kitchen option 1

So what do you guys think?  Without all the extra cabinets, the look is much lighter… and I do like that.  Without them, you have enough storage for a basic kitchen, but in a kitchen more storage is always a plus.  Of course the major con of adding more cabinetry is the added cost for purchase and installation, which could be about $1,000 per kitchen.  So that might be my answer right there…   Cast your votes please!


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