Well we’re in Building Permit limbo again…  all work has stopped until we have that piece of paper in hand.  In the meantime, we’re pondering some layout decisions.  In other words, help please?  =)

Now that the place has been opened up, I am rethinking some of my original plans.  Especially the stairs to nowhere…


Yep.  In the front door, up the stairs, turn the corner and…  The stairs to nowhere.  See originally this was a single family house.  So the stairs at one time led to a hallway with doors to the bedroom and a bathroom.

But when this little place was turned into apartments, they put a wall blocking off that hallway.  Now that we have torn that wall down, you can see how the space worked once upon a time:

hallway before

hallway 1

Pretty cool, huh?  Pictures don’t really do it justice- this hallway is a really nice space.  There is a large window (behind the photographer) that looks out onto a big tree (the house’s namesake) and a new deck you are sure to hear a lot about very soon.

Originally I was planning on keeping the layout kind of as it was… except the stairs to nowhere would be stairs to a coat closet.  A laundry room is next to the bathroom and both are accessed from the bedroom, thus eliminating the hallway altogether.  A little less weird but still kinda weird, I admit:



After we opened up the hallway and I realized how nice it was, I kind of feel bad about closing it off again.  So the guys and I came up with a little alternative option. In option #2, the hallway stays and functions pretty much as it did when this was a single family home.



So now I need to make a decision.  Standing in the space, I was sure that keeping the hallway was the best option.  Now looking at it on paper I feel the opposite.  What do you think?  Pros and cons of each:

– Eliminates the hallway… direct access to bathroom is a plus
– Bathroom layout is better… room for a full size tub or walk-in shower
– More storage space is always good… coat closet & a spot in the laundry for linens
– Guests have to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom
– Lose the “open” feeling

– Keeps the hallway… the open feeling is really nice
– Guests can go through the hallway to go to the bathroom
– loss of closet space
– stairwell basically becomes part of the apartment.. which means heating and cooling that whole space
– bathroom layout not as great- there is only room for a 36 x 48 shower.  No tub.  Not the end of the world but not ideal either…

Weigh in and help me decide, friends!


8 thoughts on “Treehouse Week 2: stairs to nowhere

  1. That place is great. I love the layout. It’s a tough choice, and really depends on the preference of the people living there. If it were my place, as a single male, I’d go with Option 2. I would imagine couples might find Option 1 more appealing.

    1. Good points! What if the place were, say… for a single woman and her dog? =)
      But really somehow I had always envisioned that apartment for a couple. Maybe wishful thinking on my part?

  2. I agree with Sarah. That closet can easily be replaced by coat racks and any assortment of modular shelving units. The deck and large living space lends itself to guests, who I do not want walking through my bedroom in their shoes just to get to the BR!

  3. So in option 2 one must technically leave their apartment to go to a (public?) bathroom? Do you have to take your apartment keys with you every time you use the loo?

  4. Have you considered a third option? I don’t think the closet at the end of the hallway will get used much because of it’s awkward placement. I agree, the steps leading no where seem weird, but I don’t like the changes to the bathroom design and not being able to access it directly from the bedroom. Therefore, I would keep the hallway from option 2 and keep the bathroom design from option 1. With this design you would only have one doorway opening on the North wall which better too.

    Keeps the hallway… the open feeling is nice
    Bathroom layout is better
    No more awkward stairs leading to no where

    Loss of closet space
    Heating & cooling stairwell expense

    Hopefully I’m not completely misunderstanding the floor plan!

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