As promised, here is a set of before photos of our upcoming project I am dubbing “treehouse.”

Just in case you were thinking this renovation thing is glamourous and cool, keep in mind while you scroll through these  photos that Ossie and I lived in this place. For a whole year. Pretty much just as you see it now.  We have, for the most, part recovered…

I bought this duplex from a very nice suburban type developer guy who had purchased it as one of his first investment properties in the 90’s.    It was nicely kept (until I bought it and tore all the finishes out) and he did what some would think was a nice job fixing up the exterior.  It’s a little too suburban-y for my tastes, but we’re going to fix some of that.  There is a lot of stuff I can’t wait to get rid of and some cool details that somehow stuck it out through multiple bad 50’s and 60’s wood-paneling escapades… most of which I am trying to keep.

You may also notice that the entire first floor is not pictured.  There is still a tenant living in there, but as soon as he’s out I’ll add them to the pot.

Anyway I’m finalizing the design and definitely have a few conundrums for you guys to weigh in on… hang tight!


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