With Loft 1R all done, we went back to our original plan of finishing the units from the top-down, starting with the 3rd floor and moving down to the 2nd.  Both units are pretty much finished now!  Here are all the progress shots I can give you without spoiling the final reveals to come next week…

Third Floor

 the 3rd floor has honestly been lingering at the finish line for some time, so there were just a bunch of little pesky details to take care of…

Like installing the kitchen faucet and shelving

Pouring the hearths for the two fireplaces.  Here you can see them framed up and ready to go…

I’m doing everything I can to keep this blue tiled surround.  We saved some tiles to glue back in, and I’ll have to design some kind of wood enclosure around it, but fingers crossed it will be worth the trouble!

I touched up the brick chimney in the master bedroom, and covered every surface in that freshly painted room with a layer of pink brick dust.  Heh… oops.

Of course we can’t forget the inevitable part of finishing… the cleaning.  I’ve been working my way around the building with bleach and windex, scrubbing the windows clean.  To measure how gross they are, it takes approximately 90 minutes per window.  Yup, you heard that right!

Second Floor

Installed the faucet and shelving here too…

and a new fake beam to cover the gap in the ceiling where we took the wall out instead of trying to patch the plaster between two ceilings that had very different textures on them. This one was the contractor’s idea… have I mentioned before how great these guys are to work with?

Also repaired the window in the living room, which has been boarded up for at least a year!

And then minor catastrophe hit:
Unfortunately once all the kitchens were hooked up to the drain line, it became apparent that the line isn’t quite working.  Every time someone runs water from the 2nd or 3rd floors, we end up with a large puddle in the basement.  This line was already snaked once (you may remember the brief appearance of the Creature From the Black Lagoon back in February) so we’ve got to get the plumber back out to figure what’s going on now.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t bring the Creature back with him!


We had the fire escape inspected, as the city requires.  The engineer thought it looked pretty good, but wanted a few more bolts in there… so here they are.  He wanted a coat of paint too, but we’ll get to that later.

I had a major victory this week, albeit mostly to myself… seeing as how nobody else thought it was that big of a deal.  I finally was able to snag a Comcast installation guy who verified that 95% of the cables running all over the face of the building were not installed correctly- which meant I was finally free to tear them all down!  I happily scampered all over the building and pulled down/snipped/yanked to my heart’s content anything I could reach that didn’t involve a) using a ladder or b) giving my dad a heart attack.  Basically I got rid of everything short of climbing the pole and cutting those cables too. After looking at that web for more than a year, I am so happy to have it gone.

Here’s the design for the signage for the two entries to the building.  I am going to make something like this:

The paper taped to the mailboxes is a mockup of the above styled sign. I fortunately know some guys with a laser cutter so I’m hoping I can talk them into doing this for me… My dad and I installed the new mailboxes so the tenant for 1R would have some place to get mail.  Just no fancy mailbox numbers for now…

There you have it for weeks 26 & 27… and at that I’m off to the beach for some well needed r&r so we can avoid any more grumpy posts.  Be ready when I get back for final shots of the 3rd Floor, including the well loved before & afters!


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